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iStoragePro IR16SASER Rackmount 16-bay Enterprise SAS RAID System

Item Number: ISP-IR16SASER-BN-OE
Manufacturer's Part Number: IR16SASER
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iStoragePro IR16SASER 16-Bays Rackmount Enterprise SAS RAID System - Brand New

IR16SASER SCSI Hard Drive Photo

IR16SASER SCSI Hard Drive PhotoIR16SASER SCSI Hard Drive PhotoIR16SASER SCSI Hard Drive PhotoIR16SASER SCSI Hard Drive Photo
Price: $4,200.00
Condition: Brand New - What does this mean?
Warranty: 1 Year - Reseller - What does this mean?
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Detailed Description

iR16SASER - iStoragePro Rackmount 16 bay Enterprise SAS RAID System

iStoragePro R16 Rackmount Enterprise SAS RAID system is equipped with a high performance SAS technology. By using one MiniSAS 8088 cable, iR16SASER can connect to the host controller card which is capable of providing high speed storage solution. This efficient SAS interface setup provides cost effective solution without compromising performance. iStoragePro R16 SAS RAID system can easily be configured as a RAID 0, 1, 5, 6,10 & JBOD, capable of  providing performance and fault-tolerance to protect your video data. iR16SASER SAS RAID system is designed for expansion total 80 Hard Disk Drives by daisy chain multiple SAS JBODs


  • 2 X 4-lane wide ports   
  • Volume sharing among multiple hosts
  • Host access control
  • RAID 6, 60
  • Configurable N-way mirror for high data protection
  • On-line volume migration
  • SATA II drive Backward-compatible
  • Global/dedicated cache
  • Clustering
  • SAS JBOD expansion
  • Web UI management
  • Quick installation
  • S.E.S. inband monitor
  • Complete notifications through multiple interfaces
  • UPS & BBM protection
  • Disk auto spindown
  • Batch configuration & system configuration export

  • Click here to view the manufacturers item description/brochure
    Brand New - What does this mean?
    1 Year - Reseller - What does this mean?
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