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Cases & Enclosures & Storage Arrays

We have a selection of cases to fit almost any application. You can make any SCSI hard drive we offer an external drive by purchasing a case from this category. Installation of drives in the case is FREE! We recommend fixed drive/case solutions for up to 4 SCSI hard drives. For more than 4 drives, we recommend SCSI hard drive enclosures, such as rack mountable storage arrays. We typically offer off-lease Dell Powervault arrays. Powervault 200S, 210S, 211S, 220S, 221S. They all have redundant power supplies and fans.

SCSI Cases & Enclosures & Storage Arrays

SCSI external cases and enclosure including rack mount storage arrays

SATA / SAS Cases & Enclosures & Storage Arrays

SAS / SATA cases enclosures and rack mount storage arrays.

Mounting Brackets & Adapters for Cases & Enclosures

Mounting brackets and adapters commonly used in external hard drive cases and enclosures.

IDE / ATA / PATA Cases & Enclosures

IDE / ATA / PATA cases and enclosures.

Dell 91PJX / 310-0834 Rail Kit for PowerVault 220S Kit

Dell 91PJX / 310-0834 / 51EGT Rapid Rails Kit for 4 Post/Rail Square Hole Rack - 3U - for usage with PowerVault 200S, 201S, 210S, 211S, 220S, 221S, 224F, 660F Arrays - Brand New

$139.95 - Brand New
More Details >>>
Dell 770D8 Powervault MD3200i and MD3220i iSCSI four (4) port controller Module

Dell 770D8 Powervault MD3200i and MD3220i iSCSI four (4) port controller Module - New Pull

$2,995.00 - New Pull
More Details >>>
Dell 330-6051 2U PowerVault Static Rapid Rails Kit

Dell 330-6051 / MH6DJ / M8PRH / 1CVDX PowerVault Rail Kit - 2U Static Rapid Rails Kit - Refurbished

Compatible with:

Dell PowerVault MD1200, MD1220, MD3200(i), MD3220(i), MD3600i, MD3620i

$99.00 - Refurbished
More Details >>>
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