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300GB SAS / Serial Attached SCSI Hard Drives

300GB 3.5"/LFF 10K & 15K SAS / Serial Attached SCSI Hard Drives are almost exclusively for usage in servers that use hot swappable (hot-swap) drives with a SAS hot pluggable backplane. You use a hard drive tray or caddy or sled, and simply slide and clip the drive into the front of your server. SAS hard drives can also be used in an internal, non hot-swap application. In this case they are connected by a cable to a connector on the SAS controller.

Example models are: 341-2828 0B22179 431944-B21 43X0802 8J300S0 ST3300555SS SGT-ST3300656SS.

Hot-swap SAS / Serial Attached SCSI hard drives are commonly used in Dell PowerEdge 840, 1900, 1950, 1950 III, 2900, 2900 III, 2950, 2950 III, 2970, 6900, 6950, R300, R900, R905, T300, T605 Servers and PowerVault MD1000, MD3000, NF100, NF500, NF600 Storage Arrays; Compaq Proliant® systems such as DL140 G2 , DL140 G3 , DL145 G2 , DL145 G3 , DL160 G5 , DL180 G5 , DL185 G5, DL320 G3 , DL320 G4 , DL320 G5 , DL320 G5p , DL360 G4p , ML110 G3 , ML150 G3 , ML310 G2 , ML310 G3 , ML310 G4 , ML310 G5 , ML350 G4p , ML350 G5; and Ibm xSeries such as 3250, 306m, 3400, 3455, 3500, 3550, 3600, 3650, 3655, 3700, 3755, 3800, 3850.

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Dell 342-2087 300GB 15K 6.0Gbps SAS / Serial Attached SCSI Hard Disk Drive F9541 Kit

Dell 342-2087 300GB 15K 6.0Gbps SAS / Serial Attached SCSI Hard Drive F9541 Kit - Refurbished

This kit contains one refurbished 300GB 15K SAS / Serial Attached SCSI Hard Drive and one Dell F9541 tray. It is fully compatible with Dell PowerEdge R900, 2900, 2950, 2970, R300, R900, R905, T300 Servers, PowerVault MD1000, MD3000, MD3000i.

$139.00 - Refurbished
More Details >>>
Fujitsu MBA3300RC SAS Hard Disk Drive

Fujitsu 300GB 15K 3Gbps SAS Hard Drive RoHS Compliant MBA3300RC - Brand New

$139.00 - Brand New
More Details >>>
Hitachi 0B23661 HUS156030VLS600 SAS Hard Drives

Hitach Ultrastar 15K450 300GB 15K RPM 6.0Gbps Serial SCSI / SAS Hard Drive 0B23661 / HUS156030VLS600- New Pull

$139.00 - New Pull
More Details >>>
Seagate Cheetah 15K.7 ST3300657SS SAS Hard Disks

Seagate Cheetah 15K.7 ST3300657SS 300GB 15K 6.0Gbps Serial Attached SCSI / SAS Hard Drive - Refurbished

$129.00 - Refurbished
More Details >>>
Maxtor 8J300S0 SAS Serial SCSI Hard Drives

Maxtor Atlas 10K V 300GB 3Gbps Serial Attached SCSI ( SAS ) Hard Drive 8J300S0 (Lead Free / RoHS compliant) - Refurbished

$120.00 - Refurbished
More Details >>>
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